Friday, 1 November 2013


Join #BritishBloggerSelection

Today I got involved in a little something called the #BritishBloggerSelection, created by Ellie at little vintage camera. In essence, British themed bloggers will post based around a theme every week. This weeks theme is Halloween.

Personally, I'm really interested to get involved so I can become more a part of the blogging community! It's a bit terrifying being a new blog, standing in a sea of hundreds upon thousands of blogs, so it'll be nice to get involved. I also really like the idea of themes, this week has been quite to get posts up because I just started my new job and it's running me into the ground, I'm sure it'll be easier once I get used to it but right now it's so hard to get home, plonk myself at my laptop and think of something to post about! I'm not sure anyone particularly cares about how desperately I want sleep or the model of the business I'm now working for or their customer service expectations but that's all my head is filled with at the moment!

Anyway, if you'd like to get involved, get in touch with Ellie and let her know your blog URL, blog name and your first and last name :) You can email her at or comment on her blog :)

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