Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wishlist: Autumn

1. Topshop Wool Biker Jacket
2. River Island Biker Boots
3. H&M Cable Knit Tights in Dark Petrol
4. New Look Glow In The Dark Sweater

Having grown up in Spain, I'm a little bit...wimpish when it comes to the cold. Moving to Scotland probably wasn't the best decision I ever made when it comes to that, but it does give me an excuse to bundle up against that autumnal chill. Here's just a couple of things I'm coveting right now, things that look cosy and lovely and absolutely delightful to cuddle up in.

For Autumn, my style is all about big sweaters and boots. My poor docs get ignored the rest of the year, but the moment there's a hint of a chill or the ominous gloom of a moody sky, that dragged out of the back of the wardrobe and all of my other shoes get ignored.

Is there anything you're lusting after over at the moment? Any must haves for the colder months?

- Emmy xo


  1. Love the bat jumper, SO cute! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. I know, it's just darling! I'm quite sorry I can't really justify buying it at the moment to be honest!

  2. I love the boots! Can't beat some comfy winter boots,especially now it's raining every day! I really love the jacket too. I already have a biker jacket but I really like the addition of the wooly bits!
    Just read your post on losing your job etc too, sounds like an absolute nightmare! I hope you're not feeling too down about it :(
    Really enjoyed having a mooch around your blog and I've followed you

    1. The rain's the worst - I've been trying to cling to my converse and dolly flats but the amount of times my feet have gotten absolutely soaked through because Glasgow's weather is unpredictable at best. It really is time for me to just accept it and move into my boots, but it's so hard to give up the extra comfy shoes! :(

      I think I've had more enjoyable nightmares tbh! I'm back on track though, thank you :) Start an exciting new job on Wednesday so that's a big thing to look forward to.

      Thank you, and welcome I suppose! :) xx